Photo Essay: Rhapsody in Cocoa

When St. Croix Chocolate Company founder Robyn Dochterman pivoted in 2010 from journalism to making chocolate, everything changed—going from newsprint and web content to crafting molds and creating fillings is a lot to tackle. But while the shift may have been dramatic for Dochterman (and her co-owner and life partner Deidre Pope), the company hit the ground running and won an immediate following for Dochterman’s skillful deployment of natural, locally sourced flavors and vivid, eye-catching designs. At times, the company’s output rises from “artisan” to “art”—beyond the shop’s day-to-day filled truffles, Dochterman creates elaborately detailed (and lushly colorful) pumpkins, Christmas trees, and Easter eggs so that her customers can mark the holidays in style.

Robyn Dochterman Molds Chocolate into Edible Art // Photos by Anna Rajdl