2018 Twin Cities Pride Festival Guide


Is there a cost? The Twin Cities Pride festival will always be free of charge.

How old do you have to be? We invite all ages to celebrate with us.

When is Loring Park open? Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24, 2018, from 10am-6pm.

Getting There:

Where is accessible parking located? There is a full list of accessible accommodations below.

What about transit passes? Metro Transit is offering free passes for Sunday. There’s a link in the transportation page at www.tcpride.org.

Is the pedestrian bridge to the Sculpture Garden closed? Yes. We will have traffic police posted at the intersection of Hennepin/Lyndale Ave and 15th Street to ensure people can cross safely.

Where can I lock up my bicycle? The horseshoe courts in the southwest corner of the park have a bike check and valet presented by Allina.

Can I take a Nice Ride to/from the park? There will be guaranteed docking and availability at the Nice Ride docking station on 15th Avenue.

Are there ride sharing pick-up areas? Lyft arrives on the north side of the park off Harmon Place, and Uber is in the northeast corner, in the cul-de-sac where Willow Street meets Yale Place.

Where can I park my car? The MCTC lots are $5 both days (but on Sunday make sure to arrive well before the parade). You can also search for reservable parking spots on the Parking Panda app.

In The Park:

Is there wifi? Comcast is providing wifi this year.

Can I bring my dog? We won’t turn them away, but keep in mind we expect a crowd of thousands on what’s likely to be a very warm summer weekend. Your pup might be more comfortable in the A/C at home.

Do the artists/performers in the park get paid? They do, thanks to the Minnesota State Arts Board.

Where is a list of vendors? We’ll be handing out fliers in the park with a detailed map of all the booths and vendors.

Can I get the stage schedules on my phone? We have an app! “Twin Cities Pride” is available to download on iOS and Android.

Can I volunteer? We’d love your help! Contact us at tcpride.org

What time does the concert start? Saturday, June 23rd at 6pm (and remember, it’s a ticketed, 18+ event.)

What time do the fireworks start? After the concert is over, around 10pm.

Photo by Stephanie Glaros


Every year, Twin Cities Pride works hard to make the festival and parade accessible to people of all abilities. A few things to know in advance:


  • Handicap street parking is available on 15th Street, and van-accessible handicap parking is on Harmon Place.

Wheelchair access:

  • There are paved paths throughout Loring Park and most vendors are set up at the edge of the paths with ADA ramps obscuring any wires and cables.
  • Accessible port-a-potties are stationed throughout the park.
  • Wheelchair charging stations are located at Vendor Central (green zone) by the park entrance off Grant and Willow.
  • During Pride in Concert on Saturday, June 23, a wheelchair platform is available and connected to the paved path.
  • The paved food court is in the purple zone.
  • Be advised: the Beer Garden is on grass and is not paved.

Deaf and hard-of-hearing accommodations:

  • ASL Interpreters will be provided Saturday and Sunday for performances on the Loring Stage and Stonewall stage, during Pride In Concert on Saturday evening, and on the mainstage during the parade on Sunday.
  • If you would like an interpreter for any performance on the P2P or Rainbow Stage, please contact tcprideinterpreters2018@gmail.com ASAP.
  • During the festival if there are any ASL interpreting needs or concerns, text Jessalyn Akerman-Frank at 651.403.9431.

Special use locations:

  • The Autism Society of Minnesota’s Escape Space tent is between the pond and formal gardens in the yellow zone.

Questions about accessibility at Pride? Contact Kris Ouellette at Kris.Ouellette@tcpride.org.

DJ Naughtyy Boyy // Photo by Ryan Coit


Abisha Uhl
Abisha Uhl, who founded and fronted Minneapolis-based female band Sick of Sarah since 2005, has recently begun a new solo career.

Ali Rood
A gifted entertainer with a lovely voice, Ali Rood offers acoustic originals full of passion, longing, and reality.

All God’s Children Music Ministry
The All God’s Children Metropolitan Community Church Praise Team performs both sacred, secular, pop, and jazz music. They have performed at TC Pride for over 16 years.

Allota Shots
A comedic drag queen who loves interacting with people while making them laugh, Allota Shots performs frequently in the Twin Cities and around the Midwest.

Barb Barb
Commonly referred to as Everyone’s Favorite Neighbor, Barb Barb is the gal next door, the one you want to tell everything to, and hope she keeps it to herself!

BJ Armani’s Cabaret
Drag Kings and Queens of all walks and types.

Blacc Phoenix
Born in St. Louis and raised in Minnesota, Blacc Phoenix is a solo rapper, dancer, and songwriter.

Chase Vibe
Chase Vibe is a North Minneapolis-based hip-hop artist who focuses on combining lyricism and storytelling with atmospheric instrumentation that ranges from mysterious and inviting to high-energy.

Clothing Optional Cabaret (formerly known as Ass N Sass Cabaret)
A Minneapolis-based performance company known for their scintillating, sizzling spectacles. They will delight you with their dance, drag, singing, and burlesque.

Dave Sandersfeld
The songwriter’s latest EP (Feb. ’17), sees Sandersfeld going back to the beginning, penning five sincere and humble songs, brimming with emotional flourishes and a confessional style.

Deonte September
On a mission to provide a powerful message encouraging individuals to love and accept themselves while providing facts that show everyone is beautiful and important.

DJ Mixie
A gender-fluid multimedia artist spinning primarily vinyl, DJ Mixie gets people moving on the dance floor with a mix of soul, funk, gospel, disco, electro, hip-hop, and more. They enjoy creating from love and activism to open eyes, making people dance and feel emotion.

DJ Naughty Boyy
DJ Naughty Boyy is a musical instigator
of misbehavior. Catch him spinning as the resident DJ at The Saloon in downtown Minneapolis, where he’s known for his versatility, but loved for his hip-hop/R&B/old school and deep house sets.

Dua is a multidisciplinary artist based in Minneapolis with a haunting afro-diasporic sound.

Directed by Victoria DeVille, featuring Crystal Belle (Miss Lush 2017), Roxy Marquis, Genevee Ramona Love, Kamaree Williams, Loring Mitchell, Damien D’Luxe, Laydee Swallows and Nocturna Lee Mission.

Dragged Out
With one of the most diverse casts of performers in the Midwest, Dragged Out represents all of the GLBT community. Made up mostly of kings, they also bring in queens, burlesque, and a wide variety of performances. No matter how far out they go, the Town House Bar is their home.

Ellis Perez
Ellis Perez is a local queer/trans/latinx poet who performs work dealing with themes of race, gender, and sexuality.

Alyssa Ann Desantis a.k.a “Flaw’Lyss” was raised on the south side of Minneapolis. Check out her laid-back, straight-to-the-point rapping style on her upcoming fourth mixtape “T.G.I.F (Thank.God.I’m.Flaw’Lyss).”

A crunchy-blues, four-piece female musical supergroup, consisting of the sumptuous, sapphic, and sensual Janani Logendran, Angie Lynch, Katya Haskina, and Melissa Tangye.

Freedom Jazz!
Freedom Jazz! is a 20-piece big band jazz ensemble, committed to presenting quality performances, providing opportunities for our members to improve musicianship, and gathering to build relationships.

Fusion Cabaret Presents: Proud from the Cloud
Fusion Cabaret is a small drag troupe formed in 2014 based out of St. Cloud, Minnesota with eclectic style and a fun atmosphere.

G’beau & Ivy League
A group made up of musicians from across the globe that like to play authentic music and make you dance.

Gosh Alice Jones
A Minnesota drag queen who uses wit, wisdom, and wackiness to spread a message of unconditional love. Join Gosh Alice Jones and a cast of thousands on Sunday at the Loring Stage as they celebrate equality, relationships, and being single.

Hot Pink Hangover
Hot Pink Hangover is a dynamite cupcake. As if the Foo Fighters and Green Day had a daughter, they’re “Painting the Town Pink,” so be sure to take a bite of this explosive treat.

Imperial Court of Minnesota
The local chapter of the International Court System, one of the oldest and largest LGBT organizations in the world, whose focus is to build a better community through volunteer work and community outreach with an emphasis on fundraising.

Jamecia Bennett
In the words of this Minneapolis-based stage actress and singer, “I make and sing music to heal the soul.” Bennett is the newest lead vocalist for the Grammy Award-winning Sounds Of Blackness and runs Minnesota Movement, a platform for up-and-coming artists.

Jeffery Goodson
For years, folk rock singer-songwriter Jeffery Goodson couldn’t figure out exactly where he and his music fit, but ultimately, he realized that it doesn’t have to fit exactly anywhere except to be exactly what it is. Original songs and covers.

Best known for appearing on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” (Season 2 and All Stars), Jujubee is an international performer and activist for gay, human, and animal rights. She will appear in the second season of “RuPaul’s Drag U,” airing June 20.

Kalayah Jones
This 16-year-old is a rising star in hip-pop, and is currently featured on “Shoulda Known,” the new single by Niakay from Lifetime TV’s “The Rap Game.”

Grab some funk and soul, rhythm and blues, and a tablespoon of life. Mix them together and you’ve got a taste of KASANO & THE VYBES: bone-shaking music infused with a Twin Cities vibe.

Kool Breed
Kool Breed is composed of songwriter DJ Show and guitarist Jake Roos.

Lady Lark
Lady Lark is a Minneapolis artist reviving a sound that echoes 20 years of pop, soul, and funk music. 89.3 The Current has called her, “a pop/soul star to be.”

Mae Simpson
Mae Simpson is a band focused on bringing raw musical power back to the scene. Soul, funk, and folk meet in the middle to make people get up and dance!

Martina Marraccino
Martina has performed for 15 years in Detroit, New York, New Orleans, Toledo and more including the last 12 in Minnesota. Host and producer of GLAM Boylesque, Show Off, and Queer Circus.

Mayda Miller
Mayda Miller is a rock god who plays a variety of cover and original music.

Melody Mendis
An inspired and versatile vocalist, voice instructor and voice-over actress, Melody Mendis performs a tremendous range of music including jazz, R&B, pop, blues, and international, and effortlessly soars through her entire range and belts with extreme athleticism.

Minnesota Opera: “Fellow Travelers Unveiled”
Minnesota Opera presents this story of forbidden love in ’50s-era Washington.

The Modern Era
The Modern Era is an independent rock band that has an aggressive tone that takes rock music head on from all angles. The members come from scattered parts of Minnesota and came together in Minneapolis to form a group that has intentions to shake the foundation of rock music.

niiice. is a punk/emo band from St. Paul. They formed in 2016, have released an EP, and are getting ready to release their first LP.

NightStones are a young group of five alt-rockers based out of Minneapolis. Their tunes hit on themes of loneliness, love, and coming of age, with added influences from R&B and synthwave.

Niki Becker
Niki Becker’s garage pop is filled with intricate harmonies, textured guitars and powerful drums that color her playful, yet honest lyrics and haunting vocals.

The North Star Gay Rodeo Association became a nonprofit and member of the International Gay Rodeo Association in 1990. They’ll perform a drag show on the Stonewall Stage, and make sure to check out their dance tent in the red zone.

Oblivia Nukem Jun
With a penchant for horror-inspired looks, Oblivia Nukem Jun is the drag queen of your most fabulous nightmares, or as her Instagram bio reads, “The salt of Satan in the wounds of Christ.”

Old Desert Road
Old Desert Road is an indie folk-rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota formed in 2013. Love Life Live Long.

Randy DJ
Randy DJ uses 13 years of professional DJ experience to get everyone feeling, dancey, trancey, groovy, and maybe a little funky, with peaks and valleys, head-nodding, “holy crap, what is this song,” sonic layering.

RARE Showcase
RARE Productions has been instrumental in programming content for Pride’s Power 2 The People Stage since its inception. RARE works to create visibility and opportunities for artists of color, especially queer and trans artists, by seeking to unite communities and families in healing relationships and bridging cultural gaps via the vast mediums of art.

Rebel Queens
Established in 2011, Rebel Queens is a high-energy, all-female rock ’n’ roll band based in Minneapolis and performing classic rock covers and original music.

Rosie Bottoms
Rosie Bottoms is an up-and-coming drag queen in the Twin Cities, captivating audiences for only two years, and eager for what the future holds. Rosie is excited to perform at Pride again this year, because she has a few things up her sleeve that you do not want to miss.

Roxxy Hall Band
This eight-piece, all-female rock-n-soul band is based in Minneapolis. Roxxy has been a fixture on the Minneapolis music scene since the ’80s, and you’ll dance every time you get the chance to their great grooves and memorable melodies.

Saddle Sores
The Minneapolis-based Saddle Sores play classic country music from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. The classic country cover band is a dance community favorite and a multi-generational crowd pleaser.

Sawyer’s Dream
Upbeat, earthy and positive, focusing on themes of love, life, dreams, the natural, and the supernatural, this daydream trip is an echo of the past and a glimmer of hope for the new day.

Quinn Villagomez aka SHIMMER is a broadcast journalist, host, and MC. Shimmer co-hosts RARE on KFAI Radio’s Fresh Fruit—the nation’s longest running LGBT radio program.

Silver Slipper Productions
The premier boylesque troupe of the Twin Cities.

Snailmate is a full time touring band from Phoenix, Arizona. Traveling the country playing music for over three years, Snailmate is just getting the party started.

The Big Fat Comedy Hour
Sarah McPeck is a local Minneapolis comedian, an instructor at The Brave New Workshop, and the host and producer of the hit comedy show “The Big Fat Comedy Hour” at LUSH.

The Insomniac
The Insomniac developed a broad appreciation of music, turning her into a serious music eclectic at an early age. Now based in Minneapolis, she shares music as a full-time DJ, having featured at venues including First Avenue, LUSH, HONEY, and Mill City Nights.

The Lioness
The Lioness was born and raised in Minneapolis, with artistry that draws inspiration from the likes of Ms. Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah.

The means.
The means. is the greatest struggle rapper alive.

The Vigilantease Collective
The VIGILANTEASE is a collective of fierce, independent and radical multi-genre performers banding together to create art (and life) by their own rules.

The Von Tramps
THE VON TRAMPS are an original rock band formed in the icy streets of Minneapolis, fronted by the power duo of vocalist/guitarist Jenna Enemy and guitarist Chelsea Oxbourough.

Theyself is alt-Americana from the North country. Their stompin’ beats are woven with indie pop hooks and soulful blues.

Timisarocker, the upbeat and extremely energetic rock band, is the brainchild of Atlanta-native Tim Dooley, with a dramatic performance style commonly compared to Prince and upbeat songs that comment on the current climate of youth culture.

Wat Thai of Minnesota
Wat Thai of MN is a Thai cultural group that performs traditional and modern Thai folk dances, with a fashion show of classical Thai and dramatic character gowns.


When does the parade start? 11am on Sunday, June 24, 2018.

When will Hennepin Avenue be closed? Starting at 9am for the Rainbow Run 5K.

I’m in the parade. Where do I check in? At the corner of 3rd and Hennepin. Floats and marchers will be staged on 3rd Street beginning at 8:30am.

Where can I fill my water bottle? MPLS Tap has set up drinking water stations outside Brave New Workshop (824 Hennepin) and the Mayo Clinic Square (600 Hennepin).

Who is marching in the parade? One more reason to consult our mobile app! Download “Twin Cities Pride 2018” for iOS and Android for the full list of marchers.

Is there any bleacher seating available? There was ticketed seating on the bleachers outside of Rock Bottom Brewing and the Cowles Center. It’s unlikely any tickets remain, but you can check the links at www.tcpride.org.

Who is Ashley Rukes? A transgender woman and a leading figure in the Twin Cities LGBTQ+ community in the 1980s and ’90s, Rukes was director of the Twin Cities Pride Festival and the Gay and Lesbian Community Action Council, which would later change its name to OutFront Minnesota.

Who are this year’s parade honorees? The Grand Marshal is Lisa Vecoli. Jean-Nickolaus Tretter, Fresh Fruit Radio, and Health Partners will also be honored as Champions of Pride.